Earn While You Learn!

   For many students the ability to work and earn high school credits at the same time is a good match. There are some important things to know if you want to pursue this option your Junior and/or Senior year. 

   The two program that will benefit students the most are our Youth Apprenticeship and our Skills Co-op programs. What makes these programs superior to work release is that they are focused on providing students with skills and experiences that will improve your employability and earning potential upon completion. 

How Does it Work?

   Students who have completed a series of courses successfully and meet some basic requirements will express their desire to pursue employment for the FALL semester before the previous Spring semester ends. This gives the school time to find employers who will interview and hopefully hire the student worker.

   Once the student is hired we work with their school counselor to make sure that your school schedule will work with your job schedule. You also have the ability to work during the summer. 

Which Programs are Served?

   We are expanding, but most of our placements are in the areas of: Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, Automotive Technology, Business, and Manufacturing. 

What are the Requirements?

   Each area has slightly different requirements but in general a student must:

  1. Be on track to graduate
  2. Have a GPA of 2.0 or better
  3. Have excellent attendance at school and work
  4. Pass a drug test
  5. Have a driver’s license and a reliable vehicle
  6. Get instructor recommendation
  7. Take a the required courses and be enrolled in 2 semesters of course work in a related field during the work experience.

Who Do I Talk to For More Information?

Mitchell Briesemeister, CTE Director mbriesemeister@sdb.k12.wi.us

Anthony Cappoziello, Youth Apprenticeship Site Coordinator

Deb Brovick, Early Childhood Instructor

Angela Snow, School Counseling Department

John Hayes, Automotive Technology

Terry Schindler, Manufacturing

Chris LaBrie, Business