Career Tech Fair 2015 | REACH

The 3rd Annual

REACH Career & Technical Education Fair

Financial Literacy Education
REACH Technology Education

Exploring Technology Education

Construction Technology

Information Technology

Automotive Technology

Welding & CNC Machining

Project Lead The Way


REACH Business Education


Business Technology

- Computer Applications
- Word Processing
- Web Design
- Digital Media Production
- Multimedia

- Accounting
- Management
- Personal Finance
- Entrepreneurship
- Business Law
- International Business
- Marketing 1 & 2
- Sports & Entertainment
- Advanced Business/Internship

Management & Marketing

Family & Consumer Science

REACH | Advanced Career Education

Digital Art Education

Students considering a career designing, producing, writing, multi-media and entertainment services.

Student Mock Interviews

Career Readiness: Mock Interviews

The mock interviews are part of the School District of Beloit’s emphasis on career readiness efforts. “I’ve had a number of students who came back and said ‘I actually learned a lot from that experience and it helped me find work’,” said English teacher Amanda Sellen.
Housebuild | 2015-16

Construction Education | House Build 2015-16

This course is designed for students at the end of the pathway for the building trade’s field. The Building Trades Practicum 355 course will be a year long course in which the students will actively be working with skilled tradesmen in building a full sized home in which will later be put on the real estate market and sold.
Beloit Daily News

Irontek U coming to Beloit students

Thanks to a partnership between the School District of Beloit and local businesses, REACH Advanced Career Education students at Beloit Memorial High School will have the opportunity to work alongside business mentors on special projects at the Irontek. (continue reading) Hillary Gavan-Beloit Daily News Posted: Wendsday, June 1, 2016 10:24 am

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“Reach Advanced Career Education prepares students for successful careers and lifelong learning”
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